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Welcome to the Vista Trials User Documentation homepage


Vista Trials is a Clinical Data Management System (CDMS) for multinational clinical trials. It is a fully integrated system developed by EORTC HQ based upon:

  • Vista software systems, routinely applied in complex (multinational) clinical trials;
  • International standards (CDISC) and ECRIN requirements;
  • GCP requirements;
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant.
User Guides for sites

The Vista Trials Clinical Data module includes subject enrollment, electronic data capture, source data verification and clinical data management features. The User Guide pages describe all possible features and usage of module.


Via hyperlinks you are able to navigate to different aspects of the same topic (within the same page) or to different topics (to other pages). With the glossary you have easy access to standard definitions and useful links.

You cannot find the topic of interest, please check the FAQ section or try the search box on this home page.

For further questions or in case of problems please contact the EORTC HQ helpdesk via


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